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Illuminate 2021


The work that I am showing at Illuminate this year focusses on the decline of access to natural spaces and highlights the pieces of nature that people may no longer take notice of in their everyday life. I wanted to shine a light on the beauty of nature that people no longer have the access to and will have less access to if no action is taken.

Each piece has been hand made using a variety of leaves that can be found around Plymouth city centre, allowing the audience to see these natural resources that are always around them in a new way. Using the leaves from the city centre we can emphasise the delicacy of the nature that’s there in the small green spaces, and encourage others to make full use of them and notice the beauty in the world that surrounds them.

My installation allows the users to immerse and surround themselves in the forest of my work, walking between the installation as you would a forest.


My installation at The Markethall, Plymouth  is made up of over 20 handmade ceramic light-shades featuring a variety of different leaves from around around Plymouth city centre. 

The fine detail of the leaves shine though the light to show the delicate patterns that you don't always take notice of as you walk past the leaves on the trees. 


Each light is different; either focusing on a specific type of leaf or featuring a pattern that has been made from a a selection of leaves which all have widely different textures. 

Come along and see the fine beauty of the nature that surrounds us shown in a new way. 

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