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Hi! I'm Owen, a recent graduate of University of Plymouth 3D design: Designer Maker and current student of MA Ceramics at Arts University Plymouth. I love to see what is possible with ceramics as a material, pushing my understanding of the processes involved in making ceramic pieces and seeing how modern day technologies can be incorporated into the making to create a new outcome. My studies currently focus on the idea of ceramic lighting, seeing how shape, form and texture can influence the use and aesthetic of a ceramic lightshade. 

While studying I am also building my own brand and product range, releasing products such as BoneChina and Porcelain lightshades that highlight the beauty of nature around us. These lightshades allow me to showcase the delicacy and beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, and bring to attention the smaller details of life that we don't always take notice of. To see more outcomes from this project please visit the gallery section of the website 

This project was part of my undergraduate final major and is currently on show in New Designers, Business Design Centre, London.

A selection of these pieces are available to purchase, visit the store section of the website. 


My main body of work for my MA degree is focusing around how craft is developing and changing for the modern day creative. I am looking into how 3D printing and other modern, newer technologies are becoming more useful in creating ceramic pieces, and what the link is between these technologies and traditional craft methods. Exploring this link I created a new ceramic piece that explored texture and depth and how this, in clay, effected the transparency of the clay body. 

This BoneChina piece was modelled using CAD software Fusion 360, 3D printed and later moulded to allow me to slip-cast the final product. 

A selection of these pieces are available to purchase, visit the store section of the website. 

While exploring how new technologies work with a traditional craft, I was given the opportunity to experiment with Arts University Plymouths ceramic 3D printer. This has lead the way in my project development for my MA final major, with exploration of shape, form and stability leading the way to see what is possible with clay as a material. This project is still ongoing; to see the updates and final project follow along on instagram @owenmakes


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